Pet Services


Full Groom- xSmall-xLarge

Bath, Dry, Nails, Ears, full hair cut to owner request, anal glands(if needed) 

Groom pricing is based on size of dog,

 coat condition and coat type


Bath & Tidy

Bath, Dry, Nails, Ears, tidy of face, feet 

and fanny

Bath and Tidy prices determined by size of dog and coat- no full grooming or 

deshedding treatments done for this 



Puppy First Groom-Intro

This is an intro to puppies first grooming experience.  getting the puppy used to being groomed and the sounds and feelings.  Includes face, feet and fanny tidy, nails and ears.  No full hair cut or bath and dry for puppy first groom.

Call for pricing


Nails and foot trim/tidy


Face Clean

clean up of dogs face, around eyes and mouth.


Nail trimming/grinding

Nail trim $8, Nail Grinding $12


Anal Glands



please call for 


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We look forward to giving your beautiful pup their very own luxury spa day  

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